Friday, November 15, 2013

6th Grade Lunch Bag 13

Last week was mis-labeled as #11, so I am back on the right track with illustration #13 for the year:

All images and text, copyright 2013 Michael Smith - Doodle Bag Productions
This week finds that Sara has made it out of the social studies books and into the realm of science.  Sara has found a little ball of energy that has broken free from the text books and needs to return to its point of origin.  She has to determine what kind of energy it is first, potential, kinetic, chemical, thermal, electric, mechanical, or nuclear so she can take care of the little guy.  She is surrounded with things that use or make energy.

Col-Erase Pencil, Pitt Pens, Copic Markers, white gel pens, oil pastels.

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