Sunday, April 15, 2012

Harry Potter - Ginny Again

Another Ginny drawing, this one she is just about to catch the golden snitch and win the match.  Pen drawing and then colors and background done in PhotoShop.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

General Lunch Bag

All images and text copyright 2012 - Michael Smith Doodle Bag Productions
This was a non-story related drawing for Sara just using a sepia pen and hatching as shadows.  I will post the finished version with just a little warm gray shading and accent and a touch of red later.

Star Wars - Princess Leia

As a huge nerd, my childhood was formed around Star Wars.  I hope to do more Star Wars related drawings soon, but here is a Princess Leia for now.


I have been a little remiss in updating this blog, I could offer that things were busy, the kids were out of school and we have a new puppy, but they would just be excuses.  Regardless I have still been drawing, and here are a few dragons for presentation.