Sunday, February 10, 2013

Nashville Creativity Summit wrap up

I had a great time yesterday getting to know folks from Nashville and even other areas that were really interested in expressing their creativity and growing in their skill. put together a great conference and lined up speakers that really got the crowd excited about growing themselves and using their talents. I was humbled to be asked to show the illustrations that I have been doing and blessed in the opportunity to be in the group that presented.  I am going to be putting more of their work out there.

The first one that I wanted to share was Twelve at the Table (  I was blown away by the idea of creating that one special evening...over and over again.  The craft and care that they take to make sure that each of their events are perfect was mind blowing to say the least.  This is a family, two sisters and one their husbands, their mom, and their dad, each with a specific talent role and gift that goes into putting together a special meal that allows the guests to relax, enjoy time with friends and cultivate memories that they will carry on and cherish. 

They have a blog of their own which can be found on their website (above) or directly at: they are also on twitter: @twelveathetable and of course Facebook:

I encourage you to take a look at their offerings and if you have the chance to sit at their table don't pass it up!


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