Friday, August 24, 2012

The 11th Doctor

Dr. Who is the property of the respective rights holder 
This week's sketch card for my son's lunch.  The 11th Doctor Who and his sonic screwdriver.

2.5" x 3.5" illustration board sketch card, sepia pitt pens, Copic markers, oil pastels, and just a little sharpie.  

The size of the cards are a challenge to convey an image that is recognizable on such a small layout.  Then having enough room to blend the marker color.  The lines are also kind of a pain, the Pitt pens take time to dry enough to go back over with the markers.  I have recently experimented with starting with color and treating it more like a painting, but my skill level has not reached that yet!  I was pleased with the tones of the skin and the fact that ever 3/4's of his face is basically recognizable as the character.

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