Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Week 6

All images and text copyright - Michael Smith - Doodle Bags Productions

            The Beanbag made a move toward the up escalator, stepped onto the moving steps and then tumbled backwards onto Sara.

“Watch out!” She grabbed onto the falling piece of furniture as it bounced toward a moving stair that was heading the other direction. “I guess we are going this way!” Sara fell on top of Beanbag as it skidded down a flight of stairs.  At the bottom of the stairs the two of them bounced off a stony wall and past a set of giant wooden doors that were half opened.  She could see four long tables with kids eating. “That must be the cafeteria for this school!” Sara shouted to the Beanbag who seemed to be in more control now that they had come down several levels of the castle.

“See if you can find a way outside!” Sara pointed to the blue sky through a passing window, “We may have a better chance to find the missing page if we can see the whole building!”  The Beanbag rolled up on its side, almost tossing Sara off and aiming for a smaller set of doors.  They bounded through the doors and crashed down several more flights of stairs! Sara was sure that they ought to be at the bottom at any moment when suddenly…BAM!!!! They crashed into someone who had been standing in the lobby, minding his own business! Beanbag flew into the air, Sara rolled against a wall, and the boy who had been standing only moments before was flat on his back.

“Ow!!!” The boy sat up and pushed his glasses back on and ran a hand through a head of messy hair.  “What was that for?” He asked.

“We didn’t see you,” Sara reached to help him up, “We were racing down those stairs to get outside when you just appeared! Like…magic.” Sara stopped and looked around at the castle one more time before turning to the boy and looking at his dark circular glasses and something that looked like a scar on his forehead.  “Where is this?” She asked him.

“Frogwarts School” He said looking a little confused.

“Of course it is. And what is your name?” Sara looked at him as he answered:

“Jerry Kotter. Why? What’s your name?”

“I am Sara.” With a deep breath she began to tell him how she had gotten to Frogwarts and the way that the Beanbag seemed to carry her to places that she had read about. Jerry knelt down to look at the Beanbag, he touched the red fabric and pulled out his wand.

“Revealio!” He said and waved the wand in the air. “I think that your friend here is a little tired, but if you need to find that page with your teacher on it we might be able to find someone who could help you, we have just gotten a new Defense against the Strange Arts teacher who says she is from very far away and she might know of a spell to get you home right away!”

“Well, what are we waiting on? Let’s go!”

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